Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Thursday Night Crew

This was a great night for riding, and a better night for photography (for me anyway). My wrist is about 90% and I'm able to do most of what I would normally try, but I didn't have a lot of attempts in me. My wrist was tiring out pretty fast. I was wishing I had my platform pedals! Need to build up the Skookum!


Everyone was doing their best tricks.

T-Money and Low Dollars

Tony had about fity-cent of tire pressure here...I thought Matty was the king of low tire pressure.


A couple sweet shots of Matty. His new Stinky rules.

Eli's Wild Ride

We all looked at this line and thought we'd like to try it, then decided it was way too impossible and full of painful consequences. Eli said he wanted to try it, we all started heckling him and saying we didn't want to miss dinner for taking him to the E.R. He put his game face on, it it with a ton of speed and nailed it. It was a thing of beauty.

Boat Drop

Eli, Tony, Matty. This was a pretty fun line, and not too much risk.