Monday, October 24, 2011

Frankenbike, Fury, Resurrection

John put the Fury together with a bunch of parts from various sources. 105 rear der., old Schwinn gold seat, grinded big chain ring, triple-c fork, Franken-weld frame. It's cool, it's heavy, it's no longer Fury, it's FRANK!

Franken-Fury in Black/White

Most of the parts came from John, a few from me, some from a few others...welded by Brian's old neighbor Jammer. Now there is an extra bike for anyone who needs one, and nice one for Osborne I would think. Olympus E-P3, Grainy Film Art Mode.

Franken-Fury in Color

Color pix of the recently resurrected Fury, now called Frank. Shot with Olympus E-P3.

Dirt, Work, Jump

Work/Jump Day at J & B's. I haven't jumped my bike in a long time, this step up was pretty easy to manage though. Shot with Lumix Weather-Proof camera, not real impressive performance.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

12 Steps..., I just took a bunch of pictures of my new tire. ...If I was in my right mind I might say I need a 12 step program...but seriously isn't this a really cool tire, and worth photographing and sharing with the world? It's a Nevegal!!!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

CX Anyone?

There was a time when Thursday Night Riders did CX...anyone for a little cross? I need to learn how to do the barrier bunny hop! This is the winner of the Pro/Cat 1 & 2 race at today's MFG Cyclocross race at Mountain Meadows Farm in North Bend.