Sunday, March 20, 2011


With my little Lumix set at 1/1000 sec and the boys willing to blitz the puddle, all I had to do is push the button, and get a bit wet!

Grande Splash, Grande Juan

John blasted all the water out of the puddle, right on me. Great photo though.

Paisley the Mt. Biking Dog

Tony's dog, named after the country singer - Brad Paisley.

Time Pedals

These are the Time Atac Platform pedal. These are Mattie's, I have Time Atac's on all of my bikes. They rule, especially in the mud.

Dry and Muddy

It was a sunny day, but it hammered down rain yesterday. So we had some spots of slop!

Henry's Ridge

This is a nice set of switch-backs.

The Puddle in Black and White

These looked better in b/w. These got my little Lumix DMC-LX3 wet and muddy. Shooting fast @ 1/1000 sec.