Sunday, June 21, 2015

Matty is a Tree Hugger

It was like spending time with some long lost family, getting the ride on with Matty and Jeff of the old Thursday Night Riders.  We had Mark and picked up Chris Blair along the way.  Chris had to pre-ride because he is FIT.  You know that nasty root, around that hairpin corner...yep that is where "more speed" caught up to Matty, clipped a bar, hugged a tree and smacked his carcus so hard that a riding down the trail said, "oh man, I heard that all the way down there!"  Matty was trying to get away from me, I said "Let's see your skills.  He was successfully pulling away (as you might expect) when he decided to hug that tree and wait for me.   Good, good, good stuff.  Need more TNRiders.  John, Brian, Tony...need to ride!

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